Evaluation The Condition of Historical Manuscript" Al-MUTAWIL by Al-Qazwini " from the 14th Century AD is kept in Egypt's (Al – Azhar library): A Case Study

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Faculty of Archeology - Aswan University


The goal of this study is to determine the state of a manuscript by the name of "Al-Mutawil by Al-Qazwini," a rare manuscript from the 8th century AH/14th century AD. Various analytical techniques are used to examine the paper and the leather of the bookbinding to determine the manuscript's condition due to natural aging. To discuss the manuscript's deteriorating process, visual evaluation and surface morphology research utilizing SEM-EDAX, FTIR, and X.R.D analysis are used. To determine the types of animal skin, model reference leather samples and ancient leather artifacts were examined. The morphological analysis revealed that goat skin was used in making leather for bookbinding, and cotton was used in the production of paper. The study provides an example of the actual scientific procedures that were used to examine a deteriorated paper manuscript. The archaeological documentation, SEM-EDAX, FTIR spectroscopy, and X-Ray Diffraction were used to identify the paper components and various deterioration aspects of the manuscript.With the possibility of using these results to develop a plan for the restoration and conservation of manuscripts within libraries.


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