About Journal

On behalf of the editorial board and the administration of the faculty of Archaeology – Fayoum University, we are proud to present the SHEDET Journal (Annual peer-reviewed journal issued by the Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University). With this journal, we are opening a new era of scientific publication of Heritage and Archaeology in Egypt, designed to reach people all over the world, and to be judged according to international standards of excellence.

Each SHEDET issue gives us happiness and challenge; happiness in being able to provide our readers with a volume of selected and refereed intellectual contributions, and challenge in trying to sustain this journal and provide publications of international quality. Of course help is needed from scholars and researchers all over the world in the field of heritage and archaeology, to be able to continue and sustain producing this publication. The continuation of this journal is vitally important, as it is one of the very few scientifically peer-reviewed journals dedicated to Archaeology in Egypt

The main scope of the SHEDET Journal is various aspects of ancient Egyptian, Islamic and Coptic archaeology, conservation, museology, and heritage (concerning language, literature, history, art, and related subjects), before the modern period. It aims to publish research that contributes to the enlargement of knowledge or the advancement of scholarly interpretation.

Finally, we would like to thank all contributors to the successful publication of this high quality research journal for their support and collegial collaboration, and express our hopes for more successful issues to come. We must also thank all the editorial team, language editor, and advisory board for all their efforts.