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SHEDET, an annual peer-reviewed journal published by Fayoum University's Faculty of Archaeology and covered by Scopus (2018 to present), is a scholarly print and open access online international journal that aims to publish peer-reviewed original research-oriented papers or reviews in Archaeology and related sciences. SHEDET encourages and facilitates the publication of original research contributions of significant value in all aspects of ancient Egyptian, Islamic, and Coptic archaeology, conservation, museology, and heritage (including language, literature, history, art, and related subjects prior to the modern period). Its mission is to publish research that contributes to the improvement of scholarly interpretation or the expansion of knowledge.

SHEDET is led by a distinguished Board of Archaeologists, Historians, Restorers, Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, and Academicians, and it is supported by an international advisory and review board panel comprised of prominent individuals from many well-known Universities, Colleges, and Corporate World. We publish high-quality research papers and reviews.


Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 13, August 2024 

The Ptolemaic Lintel and the seven arrows of Mut

Pages 40-55

Abdelrahman Ali Abdelrahman; Mostafa Nagdy

Costumes of the Kings on the Temples of the Late Period

Sally Abdel Rehim Ibrahim; Maged Negm; Rehab Assem Hema

Influence of Urban Sprawl on Corrosion Rate of Buried Archaeological Coins

Gehan Adel Mahmoud; Saleh Mohamed Saleh; Amal Abdel-karim; Amin El-Meligi