The Ptolemaic Lintel and the seven arrows of Mut

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1 Greco-Roman Antiquities Dep. Faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University

2 Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University


This article serves to publish a complete lintel of sandstone material, from the Ptolemaic period and preserved in the Egyptian Museum at Cairo, its Inv. Nr. is: 2 /10 / 28/ 2. This lintel shows seven groups of guardian gods or genii, every one of them is representing one of the seven arrows of the goddess Mut. It is probably that the lintel is belonging to one of the interior doors of one of the grand Ptolemaic temple from Upper Egypt, unfortunately the provenance of this lintel is unknown.
This paper will discuss the lintel, its possible provenance and the Ptolemaic king name registered on it. Then it will deal with the seven images depicted on the lintel and compare them with the other similar scenes and texts of the seven arrows recorded in other sources whether on the temples or naoi. The study also comments philological and religious on more words.


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