The comprehensive practical documentation to one of the spaces of the historical palaces in Cairo for starting Conservation work - (case study)

Document Type : research articles


1 Faculty of Archaeology- Ain

2 Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University-Egypt


Many historical buildings and palaces in Cairo, Egypt are exposed to many factors of damage, Therefore, the research deals with the comprehensive documentation of archaeological buildings such as documentation, research, examination, recording, analysis of materials, structural analysis, physical and mechanical tests for alternative mortars. The ground floor of the palace using AutoCAD and manual meter to draw walls and openings, Then the spaces are numbered in a fixed system for all the spaces, walls and openings in the building, then the wall to be documented is determined on the horizontal plane, then the wall is photographed using professional cameras, and filming is done in a fixed system, where filming is done from right to left, and the first picture includes the entire wall from the top down, then the images are sequenced from a fixed distance and Photoshop is used to assemble the images and form the wall as a whole, All wall elements are photographed and placed in matching panels, Then the details are drawn using these images on the AutoCAD program at a specific drawing scale, then a map of damage appearances and color detectors are made to determine and analyze the original color layers, then display some selected modern devices that depend on the laser scanning technology used in the field of documenting heritage and archaeological buildings.


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