Three Canopic Jars from El-Matariya in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM 4964, 4967, 19335)

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Faculty of Arts Department of History and Archeology


The research deals with three unpublished canopic jars, which were kept in the restoration stores of the Grand Egyptian Museum, were registered with numbers (GEM Nos. 4964, 19333, 4976). The three canopic jars were extracted from El-Matariya, and they were made of faience, the fourth jar is missing, the three canopic jars bearing the name of an official who called: xa m ipt Who held the position of Chief of door keepes “Hry iryw-aA”, This is evident through the title recorded on the jars, Then the researcher touched on determining the date of the jars according to the nature and features of the texts on them, In sum, the canopic jars of Khaemopet at the Grand Egyptian Museum could be dated to the Third Intermediate Period, XXI to XXVth Dynasty, 1069-664 BCin terms of texts, there is no traditional formula recorded on late Period jars, which is the form of Dd mdw as the name Khaemopet names from the late Period, m ipt was associated with the names of the end of the New Kingdom and the Third Intermediate Period in abundance, and because of the poor technical condition of the texts and scenes depicted on the jars, some errors appeared in writing the signs, which was common during the Third Intermediate Period and the Saite Period


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