Re-joining Scattered Fragments Funerary Papyrus of Tasheretenmin in London BM EA 74133

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Archaeology department, Faculty of Arts, New Valley university


The subject of this paper is a funerary papyrus under the inventory number BM EA 74133. It was written for a woman named Tasheretenmin “Σενμινις”, whose mother was mentioned as Nebethyt during the Saite period (664–525 BCE.). Unfortunately, her papyrus is badly mutilated, consisting of many fragments of different scale. Only 99 fragments of it are known today, all of them are interspersed in disorder across four glass frames in the British Museum. The surviving texts can be clearly decipherable and also could be identified. They include excerpts from Book of the Dead spells in a hieratic script, as well as small fragments of monochrome vignettes. The style and content point to the fragments belonging to a group of Books of the Dead papyrus originating from Memphis. Despite the damage of this papyrus, it can be used as a particularly rich source to understand the development of the Book of the Dead with other contemporary parallels. This paper aims to edit the content with some observations on the workshop, draftsman and the scribal habits


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