Psychological Traumas Induced Mental-Disorders in Ancient Egypt

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Guidance, faculty of tourism and hotels management, Helwan University


This study aims to discuss the effect of psychological traumas on the mental health of ancient
Egyptians. It also aims to clarify the conception of mental disorders in ancient Egypt, and the difference between their concept and modern conception.
It examines mental-disorders, which are mentioned in the medical papyri, literature texts and scenes on the walls of tombs, by showing the literature expressions and physical movements of the afflicted. It aims to study the negative effects of periods of disorders on the mental health of the ancient Egyptians, especially during the First and Second Intermediate Periods. It also aims to examine the effect
of the endless conflict, between the ancient Egyptians and Asiatics on the mental health of
ancient Egyptians. This study sheds the light on the effect of brain-injures on mental health of Egyptians. It also discusses some mourning rituals, which were common in ancient Egypt,
and their negative effect on mental health, and it clarifies the feeling of sadness, and its effect on the mental health of Egyptians.


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