Importance Of Functional Concept For Studying Islamic Objects: Applied To Misrejat Al-Hibab And Mamluk Glass (QNADIL)

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This study adopts the essential concept “form follows function”. Most of previous studies of Islamic objects focused on decorations, dating and production centers. However, this paper deals with the function of the objects. This approach gives a perfect description and a right analytical study. Additionally, this study highlights the importance of the function of objects and their elements for classifying pottery. According to the previous aims, this paper deals with Misrejat Al-Hibab (soot lamp) which had been used to produce soot, which in turn had been used for production process of the good black ink. The description and analytical study depends on manuscripts, resources and the context of ethno-archaeology and object itself. The second example is a kind of Mamluk Qandil (pl. Qnadil, kind of glass lamps). The analytical study of their measurements, material, and their function clarifies the important relation between form and function of this kind of glass lamps. The author discussed the famous name “Meshkat” and proposed the name “Qandil”. As a conclusion, the form of these Mamluk glass lamps is a reflection to their function.

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