An Experimental Study For The Evaluation Of Materials And Methods Used In The Treatment Of Tin Amalgam Mirrors

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This study aims to evaluate some of the materials and methods proposed for the restoration of amalgam mirrors. The amalgam mirror is the first glass mirrors, where the reflective layer is represented in a layer of mercury and tin amalgamation, formed on a flat glass surface. This layer may reach a severe status of damage which makes it difficult to prevent the change taking place therein, or prevent its continuation and spread. Three different methods of partial and total replacement of corroded/missing areas were investigated to treat and prevent the further destruction of these mirrors. Modern tin amalgam mirror samples were prepared according to the historic manufacturing technique then subjected to artificial aging. The suggested methods of partial replacement were applied onto the samples then subjected again to artificial aging. The performance of these innovative methods was evaluated using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and the Reflectance spectroscopy (RS).

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