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Conservation Department, Faculty of Archaeology, Aswan University.


This article focuses on the identification of the building materials used at Athribis temple – Sohag and their most common degradation factors, and then assessing the most appropriate consolidants for the decayed wall paintings at the temple. The building materials were studied through XRD, SEM-EDX, FTIR spectroscopy and light optical microscope to identify chemical decompositions and physical failures. Soluble salts were detected in the building materials. White pigment is calcium carbonate, yellow pigment goethite, red pigment hematite, blue pigment Egyptian blue, green pigment Egyptian green, the paint medium is animal glue. Conservation treatments were achieved using Ethanol + PLM.I for injecting detached plasters, Sturgeon glue 1.5% as a filler for cracks, Syton x30 for pre-consolidation, EDTA poultices for cleaning, EDTA for salt extraction, Cidal 50 L50 as a biocide and Klucel G as a final consolidant.


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